Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/30

Feliz domingo de pandemia..just glanced at NYT’s weekend briefing and among all the rather depressing news I almost screamed regarding the following: “Big Oil has made billions in profits in the vast Niger Delta region from decades of extraction. Now some companies are pulling out— and leaving a mess behind…Today, the delicate ecosystem of the Niger Delta is one of the most polluted places on the planet.” Why didn’t anyone do anything to prevent this ecological disaster/planetary capitalist gangster/corporate terrorist act to even occur? And now that this terroristic act has become a NYT weekend briefing item, will anyone be held accountable for this blatantly obvious crime against humanity and Mother Earth? Is Chevron, et al, allowed to simply pull up their stakes and ride of into the sunset, raking in billions while leaving behind regional communities that will experience generations of avoidable suffering, illness, and death? Mi gente, this is only one example of the state of our world. Is anyone even paying attention?…may the people/communities of the Niger Delta region receive material reparatory justice in this lifetime. The briefing ends, “Now hundreds of women, who do most of the fishing in the creeks and marshes, are trying to call the oil companies to account.” Doesn’t it always seem like the sisters — mothers, daughters, aunts, grandmothers, etc, who do most of the daily work, also step in the breach to try and make something happen to address these acts of gross, death-based criminality, as perpetrated by Big Oil! Blessings to THEM ALL!!! Anima Mundi o Muerte…Venceremos…🙏🏽❤️🌼🪘

Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/29

As I watch the Pandemic Olympics (needed to see one of my favorite players…Marta. She has always been an absolute joy to watch, more entertaining than Neymar), thoughts of a critical nature have crept into my mind regarding my profession of over 30 years…social work. Yes, I have a 30+ year career as a social worker, serving NYC’s most marginalized and oppressed communities of color. From persons trying to cope with addictions, to homeless adults and families, to persons experiencing mental health challenges , to persons living with (and dying from) HIV, to seniors of color living in chronic poverty, to families involved with the criminal justice and child welfare systems, I’ve been on the shore of a seemingly endless ocean of trauma, pain, and suffering. Throughout the years I realized that the unconditional acceptance of ALL who came to me for help was the beginning of the beginning of an opportunity to cultivate a potentially helping relationship with ALL who approached or were obligated (due to being mandated) to see me. I also gradually began to make the direct connection between THEIR pain and suffering and the planetary capitalist socioeconomic system that we are all being dominated by. Yes, mi gente, inter generational poverty, inequality, dehumanization and oppression can make you very sick and eventually kill you! Another realization was how the social work profession is a major feature of this oppression, stifling meaningful dissent among the oppressed, engaging in practices to maintain the status quo, and fostering the manufacturing of consent. Please understand, these are the aims of the ENTIRE social work profession (peruse LinkedIn and you will see in virtual color what I’m speaking of…if you mindfully pay attention.) Social work is the predominant foundation of the nonprofit human services industrial complex. Specifically, nonprofit human services CEOs can make millions in salary while their frontline staff, predominantly women of color need to work two jobs just for them and their families to get by and stay out of the homeless shelter. This is the state of social work— the lame, reformist thinking of social workers, and their role as gatekeepers for the plutocrats, keeping the “wretched of the earth” in perpetual wretchedness…but there is a another way that can lead to healing and eventual liberation….and doesn’t cost a dime…hasta la proxima….anima Mundi o Muerte…Venceremos!🙏🏽🪘❤️🌼

Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/28

Buen Lunes de pandemia mi gente..I’ve been scanning the headlines regarding the happenings in mi otra patria, Cuba, there’s even one from the National fucking Geographic! No me jodas, carajo! Let’s be perfectly clear here, the fucking pinche gringo government of this terrorist state, the USA have had a ceaselessly brutal, inhuman, terroristic stranglehold, a complete blockade against Cuba for 60+ years and counting. These pinche gringos, and their gusano cheerleaders in Miami are gleefully salivating over the prospect of the end of the Cuban Revolution. Let me be perfectly clear again, all revolutions for freedom, justice, and dignity go through pangs of distress, particularly when your archenemy is 90 miles away and happens to have had their foot on your neck for all these fucking years! And this archenemy happens to be the biggest/baddest white supremacist, gangster capitalist, militaristic imperialist state the world has ever known! You fucking gringos don’t even know your own fucking government of mass murderers, rapists, and criminals, que idiotas son! So before any of you Cuban Revolution haters eat that plate of picadillo (which I hope gives you a bad case of the runs!) contemplate the words of El Commandante, Fidel Castro, champion of the world’s poor and oppressed…”los hombres pasan, las ideas quedan”…anima Mundi o Muerte, Venceremos 🪘❤️✊🏽🙏🏽

capitalism as planetary gangsterism/27

Feliz Sabado de variante delta..I’ve been having the absolute pleasure of reading “Revolutionary Intercommunalism and the Right of Nations to Self-Determination” by Huey P Newton and Vladimir I Lenin, a collection of his discussions and statements in the spring of 1971..what a joy!..reading the words of a revolutionary icon like brother Newton has been such a refreshing departure from the current bullshit and drivel being written (please read pt26.) Having read halfway through this classic, I’m struck by his pinpoint, razor sharp lucidity regarding the planetary capitalist their sole purpose is to amass ever increasing wealth and power and in this quest these “madmen” as he calls them, will kill us all! EXACTLY!!! my sentiments and musings elucidated by brother Newton. Responding to a question regarding the impending ecological crisis, he makes a cogent point never spoken by the so-called environmental movement of today. “But when we talk about the capitalists’ exploitation of nature— the kind of thing discussed now called the Ecology movement— we often forget that people themselves are a part of the natural world. The mass murder of Blacks in Africa during the slave trade, all the depredations the Europeans committed in South America and the Caribbean, the genocide committed by Nazi Europe against the Jews, the Slavs, the gypsies, and, of course, against all people of colour, are probably the greatest examples of the exploitation of nature by the capitalists. You know the greatest ecological crime being committed right now? The bombing of Vietnam. And we think that until the ecology movement starts recognizing these facts, it will remain largely irrelevant to the majority of people in the world.”(p.67)…mo’ dupe Huey P Newton..anima Mundi o Muerte, Venceremos 😷🪘❤️✌🏽✊🏽👊🏽🌼

capitalism as planetary gangsterism/26

Bueno mi gente, esta haciendo un calor de madre aqui en Harlem..que chevere!!..i just glanced at some of the “progressive “ weekly briefings, articles, etc. global “events”..mira pa’alla, the Haitian President’s murder was an “event” of that particular day!..anyway, I have to call a spade a spade..the Intercept and Counterpunch are a complete waste of time, they’re as progressive as Chucky Schumer!.de verdad! Today’s Counterpunch had an article entitled “What Makes Nations Evil”..really?.the epitome of irrelevance! And the Intercept, well let me say that their articles belong in Counterpunch!.or vice versa..y’all know what the fuck I’m trying to say!.let us proceed to V Prashad’s Tricontinental’s “dossier” on the overall militarization of Mother Africa, led by these pinche gringos (remember, the only two things gringos are good for are breaking things and hurting people!) the “dossier” was a snoozer of a read, a collection of words making a conclusion which could have been done in a paragraph!.pero, tu sabes que el Tri loves to jump into the weeds with banal details and photos, asinine drivel!.unless you’re an arms merchant looking to sell weaponry to countries in Mother they can break things and hurt people!! Catch my drift..lame, lame, lame, the whole lot of you! Is it because they have a bunch of bourgeois pseudo intellectual types writing this bullshit? They must need to write this drivel to continue getting paid.. If they’re getting paid by the turd they must be muy ricos!! Mi gente, I’m just tired of being surrounded by an endless sea of bullshit, which is what the planetary capitalist gangsters want to see growing even more as they continue their murderous plunder of Mother Earth and the neocolonial subjugation of the Global South..we are what we think, with our thoughts we make the world..we are what we think, with our thoughts we make the’s past time that we begin to think differently to make a just, equitable, peaceful and beautiful’s up to you, me, and EVERYONE!! Anima Mundi o Muerte, Venceremos…🪘🙏🏽✊🏽✌🏽❤️

capitalism as planetary gangsterism/pt25

as the world turns, another Haitian president gets eliminated, this time in a hail of bullets..and the world rolls out its usual bullshit, “ohh, pooor Haiti, when will it ever get its shit together?..let us pray”..and the neocolonial beat goes on. The big banana man, as was one of handles, became president and it seems he pissed everyone off, the Haitian people seemed to not like him, he was despised by the folks who truly rule Haiti, the of gangster Haitian elite, who keep all the money and what do the people get?..UN care packages..the Euro/Canadian/Gringo multinationals that have been sucking the country dry of every motherfucking natural resource that these pendejos/as/x can profit from, along with the fact that Haiti has been a national sweatshop for many, many, many years now (just look at some of shit y’all buy, capitalist consumers of the global north), and of course the neocolonial players in DC, Paris, London, Berlin, et why did he universally piss everyone off? Apparently, due to the horrific chaos in Haitian politics (dissolved Parliament, local elections postponed, etc) the big banana man, who had made a humongous fortune as a banana exporter, seemingly making him part of the gangster Haitian elite, had some apparent delusions of grandeur, seeing the sorry state of the political scene, which he contributed to in many ways. He sought to expand his presidential powers, assuming a virtual vise grip on Haitian politics..not a good career move! The gangster cabal of the local elites, the multinationals, and their global north political socios, who are themselves presidents, prime ministers, chancellors..what ever bullshit title that’s been concocted for them, gave him his letter of termination of employment, gangster style..another Haitian president who simply bit too much that he could chew and was gunned down like a dog because of it…what make this most recent blood splattered paragraph in Haitian history so infuriating is that the Haitian people don’t deserve this..they should be ceaselessly celebrated by all freedom living peoples of the global south (fuck the global north)..they are the children of the only successful slave rebellion in world history, the Haitian Revolution…and they’ve been paying the price for this remarkable achievement (twisted, yes?) but that’s how these planetary gangster capitalists mi gente, this is El Coqui que Habla’s two cents. Que Viva la nation de Haiti! Que Viva la Revolucion Haitiana! Y con Dios y Haitianos de moral, virtud, justicia, no vendido, y ponen su pueblo de frente, que la Patria/Pueblo Haitiano algun dia viva en prosperidad collectiva y Paz, mas temprano que tarde…anima Mundi o Muerte, Venceremos!

capitalism as planetary gangsterism/pt24

buen dia de pandemia mi gente. Just finished my run in morningside park and just now saw breaking news from NYT..”The world’s known coronavirus death toll surpassed four million, as countries struggle with spread of variants and unequal access to vaccines. It took nine months for the virus to claim one million lives, and the pace has quickened since then. The second million were lost in three and a half months, and the fourth in about two and a half months…” I’m not a fan of the NYT, it’s just another gangster capitalist rag to me but after reading this breaking news, shivers went up and down my spine. Planetary capitalist gangsterism had succeeded enormously. It allowed for the systematic ethnic cleansing numerous regions of the global south and their global north outposts, while making astronomical profits via the vaccines and its criminally negligent enforcement of intellectual property rights in the face of a deadly global pandemic! If you don’t see this grotesque reality, you are just as heartless, cruel, and murderous as the planetary capitalist gangsters. So, mi gente, a lot to ponder regarding our global capitalist gangster behavior and what is necessary to flip this fucked up script in order to give us and Mother Earth a chance..anima Mundi o Muerte, Venceremos 🙏🏽🪘😷❤️✊🏽

capitalism as planetary gangsterism/pt23

hola mi gente! Viernes social/de pandemia..I’ve been going through a job hunting process, have had several interviews and I can categorically state that the nonprofit industrial complex has become a toxic waste site. From LinkedIn to all the nfp membership organizations, the npic is populated by neoliberal/neocolonial bipocs and closet white supremacists! Que combinacion de hijos/as de pu….had a so-called interview this morning with a weak ass example of bipoc malehood. To make a short story shorter, this pendejo was ignorant, ill informed, condescending and arrogant..and those were his good qualities!! Que PENDEJO!!! To translate a wise Latinx maxim,” You’re missing what I have in abundance!” This nonevent encapsulates what is so disturbing about the npic, there exists a class of bipoc bourgeoisie that have been given the opportunity by their white masters/handlers to become the next generation of misleadership. Now, please understand that the current crop of bipoc npic misleaders continues to meander its way, collecting six figure compensation packages while their frontline staff is struggling to put food on the table and a roof over their heads (if they even have a roof), and the communities they purport to serve remain oppressed, repressed, and depressed. And let’s not even talk about their white colleagues…white supremacy encased in a paternalistic, neoliberal veneer..saltine crackers who watch “the wire” to learn about the ‘hood..I mean, really you neoliberal crackers..estan de pinga, carajo!..and your bipoc breathren as well..this is how the planetary capitalist gangsters maintain their death grip on the world..they foster generation after generation after generation of bipoc misleaders to be gatekeepers in their respective communities, systematically thwarting any level of resistance/revolution/dissent and maintaining the status quo..bipoc technocrats from hell!!! I realize that no one will hire me because the people that I have encountered during this process are everything I’ve written about above…and even worse! And because of this…que se vayan toditos p’al carajo en chancletas!! Let us, the people begin to take back our communities from the npic and its papa/mama, planetary capitalist gangsterism. Remember the Black Panthers ( nooo, not that stupid, pandering movie)..the real BPs..they created an entire human service infrastructure from nothing…free nutrition, education, healthcare, etc..all community based and not beholden to any private or public funding source (our tax dollars are subsidizing the extravagant compensation packages of the npic misleaders/losers)..the human service infrastructure the BPs developed was wholly supported by the communities they were serving..with no six figure CEO pendejo/a/x in sight!!! The npic appropriated the BPs’ human service infrastructure concept and twisted it conform to planetary gangster capitalist principles (oh but wait, these cabrones/as/x have no principles, scruples, etc.)..all they do is talk a good game, drenched in total see, mi gente, they are what they because they’re slaves to their funding sources, public and private…slaves to the political class..while they enslave their workers and the communities they purportedly serve..and one last thing, when a pendejo condescendingly tells you that you should have studied his website to prepare for an interview with him please tell him to go fuck himself and his pinche website! The only intelligent thing he said was “ohh, I can see this won’t be a good fit.”…no shit Sherlock!!! like the saying goes “a ti te faltas lo que a mi me sobra…sabor!!! Cuidense mi gente..anima Mundi o muerte, Venceremos!🙏🏽🪘✊🏽✌🏽❤️🌼⚽️

capitalism as planetary gangsterism/pt22

feliz noche de lluvia..saw a headline about some Serbians getting convicted of war crimes by some UN tribunal..also saw the news regarding the death of that bloody thirsty, mass murderer, Donald Rumsfeld, the grotesque, barbaric architect of the invasion of of the most horrific war crimes in modern familia..the only things these gringos are the best at is when they go somewhere they break everything and hurt people..that’s it!!..son criminales de guerra de primera categoria, sin dudas!! Juntos con el IDF..bought and paid for by your tax dollars.. When will you goddamn gringos wake up and understand that as a nation, each and every one of you have the blood of bipoc innocents smeared all over yourselves!! Toditos, toditos, toditos, gringos pendejos/as/x..i do not subscribe to letting the american people off the hook and just blame the government, noooo! All of you pinche gringos are war criminals, mass murderers, assesinos for allowing the bipoc global South be ravaged, raped and mutilated by graduates of West Point and the School of the Americas, both universities where torture and the mass murder of innocent bipocs are the primary curriculum..just as Smedley Butler..but don’t ask Donald Rumsfeld, Condi Rice, General Colin Powell, G dubya and company, a pack of mangy, remorseless, bloodthirsty genocidalists/nation destroyers..when will their day of reckoning arrive..I think it’s going to be really, really, really hot where they’re going when their expiration dates arrive..just ask Donald R…anima Mundi o Muerte…Venceremos 🙏🏽✊🏽✌🏽🪘🌼❤️

In honor of Nelson Gonzalez, Taino/Afro/Boricua Warrior..

..or as in the movie “Carlito’s Way”..the last of the MoRicans..when your son, George informed me of your passage “al Mundo de la Verdad” I cried..and cried..and cried..(I’m crying now as I write this)..por encima de todo, you were one of the kindest, sweetest, wisest, and prettiest Boricuas I’ve ever encountered..yes, prettiest!!!..those guaracha dancing eyes and snow white mane, along with your ultra gentlemanly ways made you “El Bravo de la Pelicula”..always and treated me like a son, always having positive, uplifting words of compassionate encouragement during my endless seasons of sadness known as major depressive disorder..and for that you will forever be in my heart…descansa en Paz y Poder, mi Guerrero..🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🪘❤️❤️❤️🌼🌼🌼✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽