pandemic pondering on a thursday eve…

on a more personal note..i’ve been dealing with generalized anxiety and depression for most of my adult life..i’ve been a social worker for 40 years, having served poor, working class bipoc communities throughout nyc..counseling addicts, alcoholics, the incarcerated, the mentally ill, homeless families and adults..i‘ve been the executive director of 2 community based, social service organizations..i’ve borne witness to limitless pain and personal pain and suffering and that of the communities i’ve served are intertwined..they are me and i am them..shared vulnerability..shared the midst of gringolandia.. the reverberations of our bipoc lives..through the blinding brilliance of hector lavoe, pete “el conde” rodriguez, eddie palmieri, conjunto libre with manny oquendo and the gonzalez bros, andy y jerry, los van van, ray barretto, celia cruz, los munequitos de matanzas, el gran combo, la sonora poncena, etc..i think you catch my drift..the lotus flower floating upon the muddy, fire hydrant filled lake..our spirit lifting, pain soothing, chi activating, cure all healing the old saying, “an alcapurria a day…”

cuidense familia 👩🏽‍🌾

One thought on “pandemic pondering on a thursday eve…

  1. I’ve learned our parents often project their insecurities, fears, flight or fight response unto their children. The “On Button” for this process is almost always on for many. As children we unknowingly internalize this. Even when we reach adulthood and become aware of this it is an on going battle to “get rid” of this baggage which should not be ours. As children we have no control whatsoever over what is poured or imposed into/unto us. As we grow and develop and come into contact with other adults we may have the opportunity to view and experience healthier behavior. In a communal setting children are more likely to have this exposure. This is a prime reason for us to reclaim our Indigenous Ways where children are raised with communal values and exposed to a variety of personality traits and behaviors. Many of us enter into “helping” professions driven by our own needs to understand the world around us and ourselves. So at the end of the day have a drink if it does not pose a harm to you.


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