the false narrative of american exceptionalism

let’s be clear..the united states of america is the greatest purveyor of violence and terrorism in the world..ask the peoples of puerto rico, cuba, haiti, dominican republic, nicaragua, el salvador, chile, iran, iraq, honduras, bolivia, afghanistan, vietnam, laos, cambodia, thailand, palestine, yemen, libya, guatemala, venezuela, panama, all of the indigenous nations of the americas and beyond, the philippines, west africa, etc..if i left out a nation please forgive endless mountain of mutilated, raped, tortured, enslaved, incinerated, brutalized, massacred bodies of bipoc babies, children, adults and the elderly..the white house is submerged in an endless ocean of human blood..all in the name of tio sam and wall street.. the founding fathers concocted a plutocracy hidden behind a democratic facade..the dems and repubs in an incessant, sickening duopoly dance..racism, capitalism, militarism, terrorism..the real essence of american exceptionalism..take a moment from your neoliberal, de&i distracted lives and ponder my words..

bueno, como decia el sonero mayor, ismael rivera..”esto fue lo que trajo el barco”..amor y paz..

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