self care/community care #dos.. o, el encanto de un malbec sabroso..

bipoc communities have traditional/ancestral/primordial wisdom that has given us refuge, strength, vitality and clarity as we continue to meander through the never ending shit storm of white supremacy and its companions- capitalism and militarism..three entities you would never willingly have over for fact, would be happy if they were homeless, sleeping in some toxic waste dump site..forever..until then..this traditional wisdom is what binds us, individually and collectively.. the pandemic has brought out this wisdom through the mutual aid networks that have been doula-ed..mutuality, caring for one another and ourselves, sharing, loving..injecting ourselves with spirit and beauty in the face of horrendous loss and suffering..a limitless jar of healing salve for the traumatic wounds experienced by self and community..this wisdom cannot be commodified or monetized (tho charlatans endlessly try)..may the contents of that jar continue to wash our the sweet waters of Oshun and the savory waters of Yemaya, my two spiritual mothers..maferefun Orisa 🙏🏽..and please find a bottle of red wine called black cabra, an argentine malbec that can make you smile after just one sip..2019 vintage..sabrosura🍷😎

cuidense familia…

One thought on “self care/community care #dos.. o, el encanto de un malbec sabroso..

  1. The pandemic has been devastating yet we must recognize it also has served to let us know how quickly things can change. Changes requiring new ways of looking and experiencing Life. For those of us viewing the world with Indigenous Eyes it reaffirms what our Ancestor knew and lived by, Community is everything, Human Beings priceless treasures. And Bibi Atabey (Mother Earth) continues to remind us who is in charge.


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