self care/community care #cuatro.. y n’golo kante, motm..

do you know what mutual aid is?.since the pandemic’s onset it was crystal clear that poor, working class, bipoc communities were being viewed as cannon fodder by local, state and federal governments..what made this more stark was that, in nyc for example, these were the very same communities keeping the city alive and moving, even during the most restrictive lockdowns..while the wealthy scampered out of nyc to their 2nd homes in the hamptons or wherever the hell rich people escape to..mind you, nyc was already an epicenter of segregation and grotesque wealth inequality..COVID-19 made sure the world took notice of this ugly reality..again, omg what a country!.yet, where government and nonprofit service orgs failed, regular folks stepped up to help their neighbors and communities meet basic needs of food, medicine, household supplies and social support..neighbors helping neighbors, with love and without expecting a reimbursement fee or co-payment.. the spirit of mutuality brought to life by mutual aid networks in astoria, the south bronx, east new york and countless other communities locally and american dream actualized..a revolutionary love expressed..from below, without a gates or a bezos in sight..mira pa’ alla!! example of this on the futbol pitch is n’golo kante, a french african who plays for chelsea fc and is one of the best midfielders on the planet..quiet, selfless, perpetual motion, relentless..just ask real madrid as he methodically dispossessed them of the ball time and time again yesterday..a joy to watch as he was the man of the all epl champions league final, chelsea v. man city..may 29..can’t wait..and this weekend, a salivating v. atletico liga title hopes in the balance, along with the brovios, leo m y suavecito luis facing off..que chevere!! hay liga!!⚽️⚽️⚽️✌🏽

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