self care/community care’s gonna take a revolution..

as we inhabit turtle island and go about our daily struggle to survive, the charlatans that inhabit wall street, city hall, albany and washington dc, along with the propagandist media moguls of cnn, msnbc, abc/cbs news, ny times, washington post, et al, continue their concerted effort to keep up the big lie – the american dream..then they rollout their human props.. the rev. als, hakeem jeffries and nydia velazquezes of the world..neoliberal, corporate reformists aka “house bipoc” or the bipoc mis-leadership class (aoc is closing in on her shills to manufacture consent, allowing this plutocracy to continue killing us while the lords of capital keep on capitalizing..omg, what a country!.the bipoc mis-leaders get thrown a bone here, a bone there..nada mas y mucho menos..take a few moments to reflect on my words..time’s up, you can get back to that contemplative space old, deceased colleague who was like a loving uncle to me once said..”we shouldn’t be frightened by the word’s not simply getting some guns and killing the enemy.. the most important, enduring forms of revolution are of the heart, mind and spirit..”Here was this 60 something year old recovering heroin/cocaine addict, nyc born boricua, had just done a 15 year bid in sing sing, dropping science..this moment happened in 1981 and I share it with you now..contemplate!🙏🏽

One thought on “self care/community care’s gonna take a revolution..

  1. Many of the old timers who were the first wave of Boricuas born here self medicated in order to deal with the ugliness of racism and all its trappings. So many served prison time and later became revolutionaries. They understood to bring about a change benefiting everyone the hearts, minds and spirit had to change. Education is the key but not necessarily by the institution of education as it exists in the present. I miss those old timers. Now we are the old timers.

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