capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt3…

another pandemic thursday is winding down.. the idf sending out tweets while sending in armed forces into gaza to kill more innocent palestinian children and women..our tax dollars at work..and in colombia , state sanctioned terrorism against the afrocolombiano community..our tax dollars at work..our criminal sanctions imposed upon cuba, iran, venezuela, etc..our tax dollars at work..endless carnage in iraq, afghanistan, yemen, etc..our tax dollars at work..oh, and remember our tax dollars paid for the covid vaccines that big pharma refuses to share with the global south, while these corporate thieving cabrones rake in the mega millions..close to 200,000 latinx fleeing their poverty stricken, corrupt countries (thanks to Washington DC’s ceaseless neocolonial meddling) being detained by ice, the most in several cages, with reynolds wrap blankets and covid for pillows..yet you watch the news and an alternate world is concocted, courtesy of disney and lin manny with his bullshit hamilton money machine..que mierda!.in fact all of broadway es una mierda..unaffordable for poor, working class folks..pero nos estan haciendo un favor..their productions suck!.broadway was so much more entertaining with the peep shows, triple feature movie theatres, the hos and tecatos doing what they do, and the ever present aroma of weed/smoke/ganja perfuming the times sq area..outdoor, community aromatherapy.. que chevere!.. the not so good ol’ days but still better than the present grotesque giant mall..thanks for taking away our cheap thrills and wet dreams rudy g..while you continue indulging in your own..along with being just another stank ass cracker mayor of nyc (the current one is mercifully almost done, taking his pseudo progressive bullshit with him)..speaking of the mayoralty, did you happen to catch any of tonight’s debate?..trying to decide who was the most asinine..easy, they all were including errol l..two hours of collective verbal diarrhea..the times we live in.. the lie is the truth and the truth is the lie..mediocre humans lauded for their mediocrity..a pandemic of mediocrity..don’t say you were never warned..the planetary bourgeoisie loving it as they watch this horrific global telenovela from their skyboxes..that’s it from Harlem✌🏽❤️🪘

One thought on “capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt3…

  1. As long as everyday people are engaged in surviving from day to day, they will continue to bury their heads in the sand. Lying, double speak, pulling the wool over the eyes, laws restricting the right to expression, laws restricting the right to vote are all part of the foundation of the USA. From its inception this country has given protection to the elite, and insured everyone else would exist to serve them.


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