Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/30

Feliz domingo de pandemia..just glanced at NYT’s weekend briefing and among all the rather depressing news I almost screamed regarding the following: “Big Oil has made billions in profits in the vast Niger Delta region from decades of extraction. Now some companies are pulling out— and leaving a mess behind…Today, the delicate ecosystem of theContinue reading “Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/30”

Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/29

As I watch the Pandemic Olympics (needed to see one of my favorite players…Marta. She has always been an absolute joy to watch, more entertaining than Neymar), thoughts of a critical nature have crept into my mind regarding my profession of over 30 years…social work. Yes, I have a 30+ year career as a socialContinue reading “Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/29”

Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/28

Buen Lunes de pandemia mi gente..I’ve been scanning the headlines regarding the happenings in mi otra patria, Cuba, there’s even one from the National fucking Geographic! No me jodas, carajo! Let’s be perfectly clear here, the fucking pinche gringo government of this terrorist state, the USA have had a ceaselessly brutal, inhuman, terroristic stranglehold, aContinue reading “Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/28”

capitalism as planetary gangsterism/27

Feliz Sabado de variante delta..I’ve been having the absolute pleasure of reading “Revolutionary Intercommunalism and the Right of Nations to Self-Determination” by Huey P Newton and Vladimir I Lenin, a collection of his discussions and statements in the spring of 1971..what a joy!..reading the words of a revolutionary icon like brother Newton has been suchContinue reading “capitalism as planetary gangsterism/27”

capitalism as planetary gangsterism/26

Bueno mi gente, esta haciendo un calor de madre aqui en Harlem..que chevere!!..i just glanced at some of the “progressive “ weekly briefings, articles, etc. global “events”..mira pa’alla, the Haitian President’s murder was an “event” of that particular day!..anyway, I have to call a spade a spade..the Intercept and Counterpunch are a complete waste ofContinue reading “capitalism as planetary gangsterism/26”

capitalism as planetary gangsterism/pt25

as the world turns, another Haitian president gets eliminated, this time in a hail of bullets..and the world rolls out its usual bullshit, “ohh, pooor Haiti, when will it ever get its shit together?..let us pray”..and the neocolonial beat goes on. The big banana man, as was one of handles, became president and it seemsContinue reading “capitalism as planetary gangsterism/pt25”

capitalism as planetary gangsterism/pt24

buen dia de pandemia mi gente. Just finished my run in morningside park and just now saw breaking news from NYT..”The world’s known coronavirus death toll surpassed four million, as countries struggle with spread of variants and unequal access to vaccines. It took nine months for the virus to claim one million lives, and theContinue reading “capitalism as planetary gangsterism/pt24”

capitalism as planetary gangsterism/pt23

hola mi gente! Viernes social/de pandemia..I’ve been going through a job hunting process, have had several interviews and I can categorically state that the nonprofit industrial complex has become a toxic waste site. From LinkedIn to all the nfp membership organizations, the npic is populated by neoliberal/neocolonial bipocs and closet white supremacists! Que combinacion deContinue reading “capitalism as planetary gangsterism/pt23”

capitalism as planetary gangsterism/pt22

feliz noche de lluvia..saw a headline about some Serbians getting convicted of war crimes by some UN tribunal..also saw the news regarding the death of that bloody thirsty, mass murderer, Donald Rumsfeld, the grotesque, barbaric architect of the invasion of of the most horrific war crimes in modern familia..the only things these gringosContinue reading “capitalism as planetary gangsterism/pt22”

In honor of Nelson Gonzalez, Taino/Afro/Boricua Warrior..

..or as in the movie “Carlito’s Way”..the last of the MoRicans..when your son, George informed me of your passage “al Mundo de la Verdad” I cried..and cried..and cried..(I’m crying now as I write this)..por encima de todo, you were one of the kindest, sweetest, wisest, and prettiest Boricuas I’ve ever encountered..yes, prettiest!!!..those guaracha dancing eyesContinue reading “In honor of Nelson Gonzalez, Taino/Afro/Boricua Warrior..”